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Panel-mounting thermostats

Panel-mounting thermostats

Jumo Panel-mounting thermostats are applied for monitoring of thermal processes. Proven performance, simple and sturdy design ensures seamless and smooth operation of the equipment.

EM-Series panel-mounted thermostats operate on the principle of liquid expansion. Different versions are available: temperature controller, monitor and limiter, safety temperature monitor and limiter. No additional energy source is required, as this is an electromechanical device. These apparatus can be applied for furnace construction, heating and air conditioning systems, for laboratory use and climatic cabinets as well. The operation temperature of the EM 602025 model can be up to  650 °C. 

Jumo  heatTHERM P100 panel-mounted thermostat is a temperature controller that can be applied for electric heat producers, heaters and heating elements and for canteen kitchen apparatus. When the temperature on the copper road goes beyond the preset set point value, the microswitch is activated and the electrical circuit is opened or closed. This unit is completely independent and doesn’t require any auxiliary energy source.

HeatTHERM thermostats are used for open and closed heating systems and steam boilers. Microswitch with snap-action system is very reliable and can withstand up to 250000 switching cycles.


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