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Photoelectric sensors


Di-soric photoelectric sensors stock includes diffuse, retroreflective, through beam, contrast and high performance photoelectric sensors.

Laser diffuse reflective sensors can work with different operating distances providing the same level of accuracy detecting small parts. Diffuse sensor working principle is that transmitter and receiver are arranged in the same housing and the receiver gets the transmitter’s beam already reflected from the object.

For retroreflective photoelectric sensors series you have to use a special reflector that reflects a light beam to the receiver. Usually such apps are used when you need a longer sensing range. You can add polarizing filters in order to eliminate false signals from shiny objects. Such sensors can be used in the food industry, in applications where you handle some made of glass items, mounting and handling applications.

Through beam sensors feature a compact design along with reliable housing. Transmitter and receiver are two separate items. Available working range is up to 50 m. Through the use of collimated red light lasers you get high accuracy over the whole range between the both units.

Di-soric contrast sensors are appropriate for high speed applications because of 0.2 milliseconds response

High performance photoelectric sensors bring you a suitable solution for extreme conditions with a high level of contamination. These sensors are usually used in paper, wood industries, in elevators and other fields with bulk materials.  


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