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Pmi operator devices / operator terminals – hmi with pmi

Pmi operator devices / operator terminals – hmi with pmi

Pilz Human Machine Interface units are applied for monitoring and control of technological processes, as well for process operation activities. There is a wide range of various units covering different functions. They are compact and functional. Each device can be easily integrated into any existing system. Pilz also supplies all its units with high quality firmware that works and fast and has a very user friendly interface. So it means you are able to avoid long downtimes and make your facility more effective. All PMI units correspond to IP65 requirements, it means they are designed for industrial applications and are resistant to vibration, humidity and dust.  All items are made in Germany.

Pilz PMIopen is an open hardware platform that is likely to be adopted with any third-party visualization software compatible with Windows CE environment. There is a big variety of screen sizes available.

PMIcontrol terminals is a complete set for control, diagnostics and visualization. It can be easily integrated into different systems thanks to open interfaces and compatibility with different HMI software. Following functions are available: PLC, motion and CNC.

PMIvisu operator terminals with PASvisu visualization software is a professional solution for visualization of processes. Sizes available:  4.3 and 7”, Linux operating system.


Key features
— one-day offer
— personal manager
— express delivery
— analogs on-demand
— manufacturer warranty