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Potentiometric position sensors

Megatron linear potentiometers are supplied in various models and versions, depending on type of application, working and mounting principle, measuring distance and protection class. The MM-Series of linear transducers (MM10) is for confined space facilities. Measuring length is 8-15mm for MM10/MMR10 models and 10-30mm for MM/MMR versions. R means spring return option. Protection class is IP 40. RC-series is a displacement sensor for harsh working conditions with up to IP67 protection class. There are three mounting options: ball joints, flanges, mounting brackets. Measuring length is 10-300 mm for RC20 model, 25-250 mm for RC13, 50-750 mm for RC35. The CLP series includes displacement sensors with front guided push rod in compact rectangular housing. CLP13 is for 13-100mm strokes, CLP21 for 15-100mm strokes. SPR18 potentiometric linear transducer in a standard 18x18mm aluminum housing with spring  suspended probe tip for scanning and monitoring applications. SPI18 is another model in 18x18mm housing with ball joints and measuring length from 25 to 200 mm. For both models there are different types of connection available – plug and cable. REM13 model is a durable sensor capable of working in high pressure operating conditions up to 20 bar with measuring length from 50 to 1000 mm. Usually used for hydraulic applications. MBX and MBH are the flat design linear transducers with minimum mounting length.  MBH is equipped with a waterproof sensor-foil element. CFL is a linear potentiometer for measuring strokes from 100 to 1000 mm. CD18 linear potentiometer additionally equipped with a coupling for easy installation and misalignment compensation. CD18 can be supplied with a connector (DIN 43322  plug) or wire connection option. Strokes available are 30, 55, 80, 105 and 155 mm. CH37 is specially developed for hydraulic cylinders, with

internal or external flange design. CR18 displacement sensor in standard 18x18mm housing with a probe tip. Different types of connector available. HEM –series is a range of displacement sensors for hydraulic applications with a high level of protection up to IP67, the maximum permissible hydraulic fluid pressure is 250 bar. MMS3 is a special single guided push rod model for high vibration conditions, available measuring length range is 50-900mm. MSL38 has no push rod and linear movement detection is performed with a slider cursor that provides additional space saving in many different setups. Measuring distance range is 100-2000mm.  WGO 20 and WGO 40 are special oil filled sensors for extreme environment applications.


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