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Power resistors

Power resistors

Megatron Power resistors are designed to resist high voltage and power values. All items are intended for industrial use, that is why they are reliable, have narrow tolerances and good impulse behavior. Megatron resistors deal with the highest security standards and are made of the top quality materials.

SUT-Power resistor is a wire wound axial leaded compact solution intended for harsh environmental conditions, capable of working between -55°C and +275°C as well has a high resistance range 0,01Ω..260kΩ with low resistance tolerance.

UT is a similar power resistor, but capable of working in a high temperature conditions up to +350°C (HT option) through the use of a high temperature resistant compound.

MAL wire wound power resistor units with advanced aluminum housing is a rugged solution able to handle up to 50 Watt of power.

MCV ceramic body radial leaded power resistor is a flame-proof unit specially developed to work high temperature conditions. MCU is a similar model with axial leading design.

M35 with TO-263 standard housing, intended for installation on circuit boards. This is a thin film power resistor mostly applied for power applications, such as solar power units or charging control equipment.


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