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Power units/solid-state relay

Power units/solid-state relay

Jumo Power units/solid-state relays are used for contactless switching of alternating current loads. The control and power section of each unit is galvanically isolated by optocouplers.  Thyristor power controllers are the best solution for applications with large resistive and inductive loads.

TYA 432 is a compact industrial 1-phase thyristor power switch that is used for switching of ohmic-inductive loads at a high switching frequency. There is also a 3-phase version (709020). Examples of application: plastics and packaging industry, air-conditioning and heating systems, industrial furnaces.

TYA 200-Series controllers can support single- or three-phase operation. Each device is equipped with LCD displays that allows to make configuration of the unit and to control current operation. Additional LED indicators display the input status. Current range from 20 A to 250 A. There is a USB-interface for PC configuration and data transmission to external analytical systems. Integrated diagnostic systems and teach-in functions allow to automate many actions. Fields of application: furnace construction, drying plants, glass production facilities, plastics processing factories. TYA 201 is a single phase controller, TYA 202 is a three phase one.


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