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Precision potentiometers

There are following types of Megatron potentiometers:

-       Conductive plastic

-       Wire wound

-       Multiturn

-       Multiganged/Tandem

-       Oil-filled

Main feature of conductive plastic potentiometers is a conductive plastic resistance element. This type of material allows it to have an infinite resolution for angles up to 355°. This solution perfectly suits applications where you need a long service life and tight linearity tolerances. Allowable rotation speed is 400 rpm.

Wire wound potentiometers can work with a big range of angles up to 10800° with multiturn models, as well as provide high levels of linearity and resistance tolerance.

Multi Turn potentiometers have a hybrid resistance element and can have a range up to 3600°. This is a hybrid between wirewound and conductive plastic principle models.

Multigaged/tandem or redundant potentiometers are used for applications where there is a risk of signal failure and any downtime undesirable and even dangerous. For instance, such units are used in aerospace applications.

Oil-filled potentiometers are a special type of apparatus for specific environments like high moisture, aggressive gases or salts. Also oil gives an additional corrosion protection. For instance, such devices used for ships, coastal electrical buildings, for mining, steel and chemical plants etc. 


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