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Product spectrum

Jumo is a cutting-edge manufacturer of industrial sensors and automation units for measuring, control and automation. Jumo devices can be applied for control of temperature, pressure, fluids, flow parameters, levels and humidity.

Temperature control solutions include probes, thermocouples, transmitters, controllers, monitors, limiters, recorders, wireless sensors, calibration units, thermostats, switches, indicators, solid-state relays and other measuring, control and automation solutions.

For liquid analysis the company offers electrodes, transmitters and controllers. Pressure measurement units are represented with sensors, transducers and pressure switches. Jumo also supplies level measurement probes for hydrostatic filling level measurement in ventilated tanks or for determination of levels in open waters. Flow  measuring devices represented with flow sensors, controllers, paperless recorders, indicators. Also the company produces humidity measurement systems.

Jumo apparatus can be applied for food and beverage production facilities, plastics and packaging applications, water and wastewater processing units, pharmaceutical production, renewable energy solutions, for railway and water transport, industrial furnaces and others. Additionally Jumo operates as a system provider and ready to make complete solutions for its customers. The company has a lot of engineering experience collected in various industrial sectors.


Key features
— one-day offer
— personal manager
— express delivery
— analogs on-demand
— manufacturer warranty