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Many industrial applications require concurrent application of pumps: for supply of raw materials or any liquids, compressed air or steam. It means these units are an essential part of the operating cycle and their normal performance is a mandatory requirement for the whole facility. On the contrary such units are usually considered as auxiliary parts and sometimes can be rather neglected. Despite the fact that fully-featured service of pump units may require substantial resources and work force especially given that such pumps can be operated and maintained in harsh environments and at isolated locations. Dynapar Onsite remote condition monitoring solutions allow to enhance efficiency of pump service activities, to sweep aside problems of insufficient service personnel, to arrange a proper maintenance sequence and to perform up to date repairs.  

Dynapar condition monitoring solutions is a modern way to build a streamlined remote consistent system, working 24/7 and increasing general efficiency level. Dynapar OnSite™ Online Condition Monitoring System incorporates a hardware sensing module that is remotely connected to a cloud-based software complex. Hardware platform consists of temperature and vibration Dynapar sensors connected with a data  handling unit that transfers all collected data to a cloud server for further data processing. All parts have high levels of protection (up to IP68). Such auxiliary parts as cables and connectors are also supplied by Dynapar and comply with industrial application standards. On the other side of the system the collected data shall be handled by an online software package that can be accessed from a laptop, tablet or handy. Following tools are available: pre-configured dashboards with a set of all necessary parameters, customized alerts and notifications, multiple user access. Condition monitoring system works with current data and compares it with historic figures so it allows to make forecasts and to plan upcoming maintenance and repair activities.


Key features
— one-day offer
— personal manager
— express delivery
— analogs on-demand
— manufacturer warranty