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Radar sensors

Di-Soric GmbH is a German producer engaged in development of equipment for industrial use. What is special about Di-Soric apps is their potential to work in severe conditions, durability and versatility. Di-Soric Radar sensors can be applied for non engaging recognition of objects. Can be applied both for indoor and outdoor areas of application.

OBS 60 optical motion  sensors are used for detecting onward and rotary motion and are capable of dealing with different materials. There is a switching output so that signals from the sensor are transferred to a processing unit. This model can operate with an IR laser at 1m/s speed.

OBS 105 M 30 and OBS 120 M 40 measuring motion sensors is a series of measuring elements intended for speed and length measurement. These items are based on indirect signal evaluation principles. OBS 105 is dedicated to deal with smooth and fine materials, for instance paper, timberware, plastics, and polished metals. IR Laser used as an operating component..  OBS 120 series vice versa is ok to handle with rough surfaces such as filled fabrics, tarpaper, flooring materials, metals with coarse surface, ropes, etc. Speed of operation available is 1 m/s and 4 m/s.  

RS 40 Radar sensors are designed for detection of moving objects within 6m range. This special detector can be installed behind a protective shield so you have more opportunities for its application.


Key features
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— manufacturer warranty