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Rodless actuators

Rodless actuators

Kollmorgen rodless actuators are able to carry loads without need for external guides and ways. There are two types of such linear actuators: screw-driven and with timing belt. Belt drive versions are used for applications with rapid moves and screw-drive units show better performance where high thrust capacity and repeatability are required. All units can be equipped with Kollmorgen hybrid stepper motors or brushless servo-motors. There are different options available: standard or custom length, motor or screw brakes, limits sensors, additional lube ports, single or dual carriages, additional sealing, etc. All models have flexible seals for protection of internal parts so they can be used in different industrial conditions with high levels of contamination.

R2A-Series is a basic model with 1829 mm length and 450 N maximum thrust (screw models). Maximum speed is 2000 mm/s.

R3-Series features maximum length up to 2743mm and 1335 N thrust for screw models. Optionally it can be completed with additional water protection. Max speed is 3000 mm/s

R4-Series: max length is 2743 mm and 3114N max thrust for screw models. Max speed is 3000 mm/s. This is the most powerful, heavy-duty model, ready to deal with the biggest loads and acceleration. Can be upgraded with side lube ports, limit sensors and brakes.


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