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Rotary encoders

Rotary encoders

Dynapar focused on manufacturing high quality motion feedback sensors used  for a wide range of applications. The company offers different kinds of rotary encoders. There are various kinds of measuring elements specifically incremental, absolute, miniature and heavy duty units. 

Incremental rotary encoders for speed, position and motion applications can be optical or magnetic. Different materials are used for housing, it can be plastic, aluminum, stainless steel, with nickel layer, cast iron or corrosion resistant polymer. Depending on the implementation area the resolution capability varies from 1 to 5000 PPR.

Dynapar absolute rotary encoders are capable of working in hard operating conditions in a broad temperature range, mostly certified with IP67 protection level rating. All units are built-up within a robust stainless steel or aluminum body.

Dynapar also develops a line of miniature rotary encoders for applications where the lack of space is an issue.  Still these are robust apps ready to work in different environments and to provide a great performance.

There is a special series of items for hazardous zones of application, for instance these apps can be used in zones with flammable liquids, gas or combustible dusts. There is a series of such set-ups distinguished by class of protection. You can get  UL, IECEx & ATEX certified items.


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