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Safe camera systems

Safe camera systems

Pilz Safe Camera Systems are intended for recording and subsequent evaluation of data about the monitored area. These cameras can be applied in 2D or 3d modes. The main difference to sensors is that cameras can additionally store the captured info and pass it for further analysis. Such units are usually applied with machine tools or pressing equipment. The product range of safety camera systems includes SafetyEYE and PSENvip systems.

SafetyEYE system is a complete set of devices for 3D monitoring and control. This unit is able to detect the objects that trespass into warning and detection zones that were initially defined. The system consists of the main sensing device with three cameras and analysis unit with PSS integrated system

Camera-based protection system PSENvip is a mobile solution for presses. This system is able to detect even any small particles in the controlled area between the transmitter and receiver. This system is capable of covering a large protected field and achievable distance can be up to 13 meters. LED light beams are not hazardous for personnel in comparison with lasers.  Also you can purchase additional accessories for this protection system: adjustment plates and magnetic templates, test pieces, adapters, brackets, etc.


Key features
— one-day offer
— personal manager
— express delivery
— analogs on-demand
— manufacturer warranty