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Safe radar systems

Safe radar systems

Pilz Safe Radar Systems usually applied for monitoring of protection zones in cases where optical sensors are not effective enough. This system is protected from external influences and can work in different conditions with dust and dirt contamination, under the pouring rain, can withstand vibration and shock loads. So it is perfectly suited for outdoors applications, as well for harsh environments of different indoor applications, for instance steel or wood works.

LBK safe protection zone monitoring system is a complete radar monitoring solution. It consists of two main units: LBK System itself consisting of LBK-S01-PZ smart sensors and LBK-S22-PZ controller. The second unit is the PNOZmulti 2 controller base unit. The system can work with up to 6 sensors.

PNOZmulti 2 base unit can be simply configured using PNOZmulti software. Connection to the base unit can be performed  with a standard USB-wire. There is an illuminated display on-board for prompt diagnostics.

Pilz Safe Radar system is a flexible and reliable solution. The size of the protection zone can be set for each separate sensor and it is possible to expand the system with up to six sensors. The maximum monitoring area can be 15 x 4 meters. Separately you can configure a warning zone along with protection zones.


Key features
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— manufacturer warranty