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Safety gate systems


Safety gate systems

Pilz Safety gate systems are applied for guard protection – monitoring of doors in safety fences, covers and flaps. Such arrangements are used for providing protection against hazardous movements and flying parts of machines through shutdown. The apparatus meets the requirements of EN ISO 14119. Usually applied in packaging, pharmaceutical production facilities, food and beverage industry, cars production. Following solutions are available: PSENlock, PSENmlock and PSENsgate.

PSENgate integrated system is a combination of safety gate monitoring unit, safe guard locking and control elements. Due to modular design and availability of various options you get high flexibility in building the right system exactly suitable for your application. Following options are proposed: pushbuttons and key switches, illuminated buttons and section stop, E-STOP button.

PSENslock can be proposed in three types: standard, with expanded diagnostic functions and with safety outputs separated from guard locking.

PSENmlock safety gate system combines safe guard locking and safe interlock in a single unit. Two types of connection are possible: basic and series. Indication LEDs are located on both sides. Optional escape release and additional remote escape release. Various accessories are available.


Key features
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