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Safety switch


Safety switch

Pilz has a great experience in development and production of secure safety gate and position monitoring devices. Pilz safety switches meet requirements of ISO 14119. Following modes of action are available: mechanical, magnetic, non-contact coded. These units meet the IP67 protection class requirements and can be applied in different industrial conditions. All devices are made of high quality materials and are robust and reliable. This approach makes it possible to have a long service life and  to avoid any unforeseen downtime.

PSENmech mechanical safety switches are applied for safety gate monitoring. These devices don’t require additional items for latching. Actuation directions: 5 for PSEN me4 model and 2 for me3 model.

PSENmag magnetic non-contact safety switches are compact, effective and durable. Also applicable for high hygiene applications. The stainless steel versions are resistant to harsh environments – high and low temperature conditions, dust contamination, as well provide vibration and impact resistance.

PSENcode coded and non-contact safety switches for safety gate and position monitoring with a LED-display for diagnostics.

PSENbolt safety bolt is ideal for safety gates used in difficult conditions, for instance that are exposed to vibration. This solution comprises a safety switch, handle and bolt.

PSENhinge is a complete solution for guards. Compact and easy to install as the switch is integrated directly to a hinge. Low maintenance required. High level of protection, corresponds to IP67 requirements.


Key features
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— manufacturer warranty