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Servo drives

Servo drives

Kollmorgen servo drives ensure fine control and ideal torque. As well they offer diverse functions complementary to Kollmorgen rotary servo motors and linear positioning systems. High connectivity allows to link up the servo drive units into different systems. The items support many popular ethernet fieldbuses like EtherCAT, Ethernet /IP, Profinet, and SynqNet. On top of that you get very compact but powerful hardware that allows you to save space and increase opportunities to build up a versatile and effective arrangement. Kollmorgen servo drives are easily paired with Kollmorgen servo motors for the best possible results. Power output ranges from 300 to 50 000 watts and capable to withstand long periods of peak operation. 

Kollmorgen 2G Motion System for industrial applications is equipped with AKM2G servo motors and AKD2G servo drives. Integrated SafeMotion options improve safety and allow you to avoid any downtime. Single cable technology provides high power density and control. 

With Kollmorgen co-engineering you get the highest level of support ensuring you get the proper motors, drives and cables.  As well there are different accessories available such as filters, chokes, HMI displays and more. All additional items are easy to connect with other Kollmorgen units in order to provide a seamless integration.


Key features
— one-day offer
— personal manager
— express delivery
— analogs on-demand
— manufacturer warranty