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Servo motors

Servo motors

Kollmorgen offers industry leading servo motors that provide precise control of angular position. With Kollmorgen servo drives you can achieve better results and reliability. All drives are plug-and-play so it won’t be a problem to couple it with a servo motor. 

AKM2G servo motors  are compact but still powerful. Can be supplied with different feedback units. Kollmorgen Smart Feedback device allows you to  use only a single power and feedback cable, so you can reduce cabling and optimize your space. Many other options are also available.

AKMH servo motors with stainless steel housing are designed for use in harsh environments. Usually used for food and beverage production facilities, require low maintenance, easy to clean and meet all hygienic requirements. 

AKM and AKM2G Low Voltage servo motors are incredibly compact. These units are designed for 24-96 VDC bus input applications.

Kollmorgen Goldline series servo motors offer excellent torque and power density due to the use of interior permanent magnets. B/M and BH/MH series are low and medium inertia motors. EB series is an explosion proof version. Goldline S Series Submersible can be used for underwater applications. 

EKM motors correspond to IP67 protection requirements. All parts are made of special corrosive resistant materials with additional sealing where it is possible. 

VLM is a series of affordable servo motors with a wide torque range available.


Key features
— one-day offer
— personal manager
— express delivery
— analogs on-demand
— manufacturer warranty