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Servo systems

Servo systems

Kollmorgen 2G Motion System consists of AKM2G servomotors and AKD2G drives. This is the most light, compact and efficient solution on the market. AKM2G motors provide 30% more torque than previous models without increase in size so you get more performance in a compact setup. The motors work in conjunction with compact drives that allow a well-minded use of available space. 

AKD2G 2-axis drives are more powerful compared to older models and include an I/O unit that can be flared without clipping any effective space on the panel. This unit also includes a SafeMotion option that allows to improve operator safety. As well it influences productivity as you have less down time. You can choose safety option when ordering the items. 

The main advantage of Kollmorgen 2G Motion System is that it is easy to install into the existing outfit with minor changes or even without them. The corresponding motors can be equipped with different types of frame and stack length. Different electrical settings also can be configured to perfectly fit with the application. As a way to get the perfect results, Kollmorgen also offers co-engineering services, it means you can get professional engineering support in order to fit the new equipment into your existing setup without any redesign and additional costs. 


Key features
— one-day offer
— personal manager
— express delivery
— analogs on-demand
— manufacturer warranty