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Shear beam

Shear beam load cells usually applied for measurement of compressive forces. It can be switching or actuating force type. Double bending beam principle offers an advantage of decreasing sensitivity to the displacement of the vertical force application. Wheatstone bridge circuit allows to avoid temperature and lateral force influences. Megatron provides solutions for loads from 50N to max. 5kN.

KM200 force sensor is a compact shear beam with aluminum body for nominal load from 0 to 50N. KM701 is an  aluminum double bending beam sensor with capacity up to 1kN. KM801 is made of steel with nickel coating, with nominal load up to 5kN. Easy to install with only two screws. Above mentioned models do not have built-in amplifiers, that are available as an option – Megatron IMA2 DMS external amplifier with analog output for mount on DIN rail. KT703 and KT803 are supplied with an integrated amplifier. KT703 is made of aluminum alloy and has capacity up to 1kN, KT803 is made of steel and capable of applying 5 kN of rated force.


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