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Smd resistors

Smd resistors

SMD (Surface mounted device) resistors are usually applied for surface mounting on printed circuit boards. This kind of electronic parts was developed for optimization and standardization of circuit board assembly. Usually SMD resistors are supplied in the special blister tapes suitable for automated production of electronic components. Each item has a numerical tagging that complies with JEDEC standard, which means length and width.

MSI-Series is a flame proof wire wound resistor, rated up to 4 watts. Epoxy molded housing allows the use of this unit in tough, hard-working applications. Usually applied for current sensing and power control.

MMU temperature-stable precision voltage divider in an epoxy housing for severe environmental  conditions. Metal foil technology allows to achieve a stable performance, as well low inductance and low noise. This model usually applied for weighing systems, high precision amplifiers, measuring bridges and control systems.

MMP/MMQ metal foil resistors with free bended terminals that allow to withstand thermally caused mechanical influences. Usually applied for data acquisition in oil fields, air navigation and instrumentation systems.

SMD thin film ultra precise  NiCr chip resistor for medical, precision measurement, and communication systems. Corrosion resistant and low noise design.


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