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Stepper drives

Kollmorgen stepper drives ensure steady and stable torque, exceptional accuracy, speed, reliability and serviceability. They are simple and versatile enabling to utilise these units for a wide range of applications. The reliability of Kollmorgen units is achieved by use of high quality motors and rugged stepper drives. The appropriate combination of a motor and drive shall be chosen according to the particular requirements of the facility. The drives can be supplied with 20-75 Vdc power input range. 

Modular P5000 series is a micro-stepping drive ready for high performance systems. This unit is optimized for integration with Powermax II stepper motors. 

P6000 series is another model of micro-stepping drive for coupling with Powerpac and Powermax stepper motors. This unit doesn’t require any programming as all settings are made with switches. 

P7000 Series drives are the high performance units suitable for AC and DC operation and can be applied with NEMA motors. They are very suitable for single and multi-axis systems while allowing high-speed performance and low-speed efficiency. There are 5 models:







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