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Stepper motors

Stepper motors

The range of Kollmorgen stepper motors includes units with different sizes, designs, types of windings, customs leads, connectors and shafts.

PMX series hybrid stepper motors can be supplied in different frame sizes and with various additional options. This is an affordable solution for a wide range of applications. Options available: bipolar and unipolar windings, integral connectors, shaft flats and keyways, rear shafts, IP65 sealing.

Powermax M and P series are the most powerful Kollmorgen stepper motors. Available in different configurations. 

Powerpac K and N series hybrid units have provided more power in a compact design.

Kollmorgen CT series motors provide maximum torque in a small size. A comprehensive design of the cooling system, large bearings, advanced isolation systems and PC controlled windings allow them to work with high torques.

MX Series are explosion-proof stepper motors that can be applied to Class 1, Division 1, Group D areas. 

KM, MH12, T-series high torque motors are compact but powerful. Wide selection of frame sizes.

E&H hybrid series stepper motors are suitable for general purpose applications.


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