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Surface-mounting thermostats

Surface-mounting thermostats

Jumo ATH-series surface-mounting single thermostats are applied as temperature controllers (TR), limiters (TB), monitors (TW), safety temperature monitors (STW) and limiters (STB). The work of such units is based on the liquid expansion principle. This is a robust and versatile unit that corresponds to IP54 protection requirements. It can be used for heat conducting systems, furnace construction, heating and conditioning technology industry and other apparatus.

The ATH-series double thermostat has two separate measuring and switching systems. It is based on the liquid expansion principle. There is a micro switch that is used as an electrical switching element. Each unit has a strong aluminum housing with impact-proof coating, so it makes possible to withstand sharp temperature changes.   

 Jumo heatTHERM-AT and –DR thermostats operation is based on a liquid expansion principle. There is an ambient temperature compensation system with a bimetal disk that provides accuracy of measurements. Push-in clamps allow to make fast and easy installation. These models often applied for heating distribution units, air-conditioning and ventilation  arrangements, smart climate control systems.

 Jumo exhaust gas temperature monitor STM-RW-2 can be used for monitoring of thermal processes, for instance, in solid fuel boilers and other heating applications.

 The ATH-SE Series is a special model for sea vessels.


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