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Synqnet – pc based c/c++

SynqNet automation platform brings maximum performance and flexibility for motion systems. It provides a synchronized interfacing between automation units such as servo motors and drives, controllers, I/O units etc. 

Motion Programming shall be performed in MPI interface based on C/C++ programming language, as well there is an option to use MPX library for programming. 

SynqNet motion controllers are represented with QMP-model. This is a 64-bit controller with 1.2GHz processor that brings high performance and speed that allows to get high levels of control of units demanding high levels of coordination and interconnection. This apparatus is available in PCI form factor. It is optimized for MechaWare modelling software. 

Kollmorgen also offers a range of digital and analog I/O devices. The SLICE series I/O products is a complete family of input and output slices. The SynqNet Network Adapter/Bus coupler provides connection of I/O slices with the SynqNet network. One particularly huge benefit here is that it can be mounted to a 35mm DIN rail. Also available special I/O units: field power supply modules, removable terminal blocks, field power distributor, potential distributors,end modules, DeviceNEt/CANOpen connector and 1-channel high-speed counters. 


Key features
— one-day offer
— personal manager
— express delivery
— analogs on-demand
— manufacturer warranty