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Temperature sensors

Jumo platinum thin film RTD sensors provide the highest level of accuracy and constant stability. This apparatus is capable of working with high temperatures, within a wide range of heat levels, keeping the repeatable accuracy for the whole service life period. Jumo produces the platinum temperature sensors only in Germany due to demanding requirements for accuracy and quality.

Platinum-chip temperature sensors with connection wires, PCA design type are effective in temperature range of -70 to +600 °C. There are various modifications: Pt100, Pt500 and Pt1000. This series is applied in the following areas: air conditioning and ventilation, medical and lab equipment, major appliances, automotive components and others.

Platinum-chip temperature sensors of PCSE design type with a platinum sensor located on the epoxy PCB. This type of sensor can be used for temperature range of -20 to +150 °C. Using a PCB base allows it to provide additional protection of the sensor against external damage, jamming and bending or short circuit of connection wires.  

Platinum-chip temperature sensors in PCKL design type have rigid terminal clamps with rectangular cross section that ensure high directional stability of the unit. The platinum sensor itself is covered with an epoxy coat in order to protect it from condensation and other influences. This type of sensor  can be used for heating, air-conditioning and ventilation applications.

Platinum-chip temperature sensors of SMD design type are used for placement on the PC-boards.


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