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Temperature transmitters

Temperature transmitters

The transmitters are applied for recording of signals from RTD (resistance temperature detector) temperature probes as well thermocouples, resistance transmitters, or resistors/potentiometers. All units are intended for industrial application, made of robust materials and ready for harsh environment applications. Input and output terminals have galvanic isolation in order to prevent current flow.

DTRANS-Series devices are mounted on a DIN rail. Jumo dTRANS T02 series units have a processor and are capable of processing the signal into digital data. With additional software it can be setup according to probe type,  measuring range, output behavior, fine adjustment, customer-specific linearization. DTRANS T03 are supplied with 2- or 3-wire connection. This model have the smallest measuring span – only 25 Kelvin.  DTRANS T04 is a 4-wire transmitter for analog measured value processing. DTRANS T05 can be configured via USB. There is a 2-color LED indicator showing operating status.  T06 is multifunctional model with 4-wire connection, LED indicator and USB-powered setup. Additional functions: output simulation, operating hour counter, minimum and maximum drag indicator function. T07 is dedicated for use with HART communication protocol. T08 is a high accuracy 6 mm width temperature transmitter for close mounting.

Jumo Wtrans B is a programmable head transmitter for wireless collecting of process temperature data. Usually applied with moving parts or items with difficult access. For instance it can be applied for pharmaceutical, chemical and food industry, as well for tank level measurement and recording.


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