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Jumo frostTHERM-ATE frost protection thermostat is applied on the air-part of air-conditioning systems, heat exchangers, registers and other units that require protection against frost damage. Operational range is 0 to +15 °C. For temperatures below zero there is a heating membrane that allows to apply the device up to -15 °C. Running voltage is AC 24 V. Electrical connection is performed with tension spring terminals. Fields of application: building automation, ventilation and air-conditioning systems. This unit can be used as ventilators switch off device, heating valves opening and air flaps closing relay.

Jumo eTRON T is a digital thermostat for pipe tracing heating systems as well can be used for other similar processes. This is a robust unit that is mounted on a DIN 35mm rail. There is a simple and reliable 3-digit LCD display for actual temperature value indication. Input  for Jumo RTD temperature probes, thermocouples, or current/voltage standard signals. Electrical connection shall be performed with screw terminals. There are three button in front for controls within operation. There is also a possibility to make a more detailed configuration and parameterization within PC interface.

Jumo eTRON T100 electronic thermostat can be used for a wide range of applications, namely for general industrial applications, heating and refrigerating units, railway equipment and building technology. It is equipped with 64x80 pixels display with background lighting that is capable of indicating different useful data: switching data of the relay, actual temperature values, switching set points and others that can be shown simultaneously. Display interface support 4 national languages. Terminal blocks for connection.


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— manufacturer warranty