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Thumb joysticks

Megatron input devices represent high quality, reliable and customizable solutions for industrial applications. Miniature thumb joysticks usually applied in addition to other control devices as an advanced extra control tool. They are compact and this gives a possibility to integrate them in different interfaces. Thumb joysticks can be uniaxial or double-axis, or even with three axes (TRY20 model).

TRY20 is a compact unit with Hall effect sensors for industrial application. The PW30-series is a uniaxial rocker with spring return that can be integrated into a control panel, as well installed into a hand joystick (for instance Megatron 891). Can be supplied with potentiometer or Hall sensors. TRY13 is one of the most compact thumb wheels on the market. Can be integrated into a handle (Megatron TRY 81 customizable joystick) or used as a separate unit. Different wheel colors are available. However there is a TRY13m model that is an even smaller version of TRY13. The TRY14 thumb joystick series is a durable device that corresponds to IP68 protection level and capable of working in severe conditions, usually applied on remote control panels  or as an additional control unit on larger joystick handles.


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