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Transit mixer drives


Transit mixer drives

Bonfiglioli provides gearing solutions in very various fields, for instance in the construction field as a supplier of truck mixer drives. Over the course of many years the company has collected substantial experience in this area.

At the moment there are two kinds of concrete mixing gearboxes specifically hydraulic and electric solutions. The 500 series hydraulic unit is represented with eight models depending on mixing capacity. Here you’ve got two types of hydraulic motors: Standard orbit  and  axial piston motors. Here you can note that all the apps have a tilting output flange. Additionally there is a water pump P.T.O. along with a mounting frame for a water tank. A speed sensor traces speed and direction of the drum rotation so you can substantively control efficiency and quality of the end product.

Electric driven units are excellent for mixer lorries delivering concrete at large distances. When you are looking for fuel consumption and operating costs reduction this is the very thing for the purpose. The Bonfiglioli 500 Series mixer drive gear assembly is coupled with an AC motor as the main power generator. Additionally there is an auxiliary DC unit for emergency cases. With electric drives you are able to make smooth speed control along with considerably lower noise. In case of machine failure you are secure with an additional emergency DC motor. 


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