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Travel drives


Travel drives

The assortment of units hereby features wheel, travel and track drives. These arrangements are intended for use in diverse fields where heavy machinery is on-stream. All Bonfiglioli apps are designed, developed and produced using only their own resources. On top of that you get huge company experience accumulated since the last mid-century.

  • The following gear units are usually utilized for the following actual machines such as:
  • Cold-milling machines, pavers,
  • Wheels and slew drive gears for vertical, scissor, articulated and telescopic platforms,
  • Wheel and auger units for self-propelled feed-mixers;
  • Potato, grape, sugar cane harvesters wheel drives
  • Access platforms set-ups
  • Drum and wheel arrangements for Soil compactors
  • Road reclaimers and Sprayers drives.

Each series carries more options inside. You can choose a unit following your available torque range, gear ratio, input speed. As well some apps have additional upgrades as option.  You can choose the facility suitable for your arrangement at your discretion on our website. As well, do not hesitate to forward a message to us requesting for personal advice.


Key features
— one-day offer
— personal manager
— express delivery
— analogs on-demand
— manufacturer warranty