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Winch drives


Winch drives

Four various families of Bonfiglioli winch drives are available. They bond over rugged concept, quality hardware made of noble initial materials and compact arrangement.

800 series is a civil application type mostly applied for drilling machines, cranes and road equipment. Flanged axial piston and orbit motors could be put in place. A hydraulically released parking brake is an option. Large torque range at your discretion.

700C Bonfiglioli winch gears are essential for crawlers. These units come up with a compact housing, they are rugged, ready for high torque and loads. As an option mechanical lifetime seals are obtainable so you stay confident for your facility despite the rough environment.

But mostly they put to good effect in heavy applications. 700C apps often used for deck machinery, offshore cranes, drilling set-ups, heavy lift hauling-up devices.

Beautiful FW type winch gearboxes represent all advantages of planetary mechanisms. They are well-knit, with extremely wide torque amplitude and can be installed directly into a hoisting drum.

Upon request we can provide you with a Bonfiglioli catalogue of items available or you can directly reach out to our managers by wire or online. 


Key features
— one-day offer
— personal manager
— express delivery
— analogs on-demand
— manufacturer warranty