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Wired resistors

Wired resistors

ASTRO2 wire wound resistors are developed for applications with high precision requirements and stable resistance performance, typically used for measuring equipment, laboratory apparatus, low power applications and current sensing.  ASTRO5 is a model with similar characteristics, but with radial-wired setup.

N550 metal film axial leaded resistors can be engaged in a wide range of applications – in switching and control units.

UMX metal film radial leaded resistor features low induction and high capacity. Can be used for temperature measuring units, testing equipment, high-accuracy operational amplifiers, as well for high-end audio.

MZH is an ultra precision radial leaded metal foil resistor that is used for high precision measurement applications.

MST bare metal shunt resistor is applied in power electrics for current control, for instance in industrial networks, automotive solutions, communications and  intelligent charging management systems.

MR metal foil precision resistors can be applied in a wide temperature range from -65°C up to + 175°C and provide high long term stability. This model is commonly used with weighing systems, amplifiers, steering control units, testing bridges in aviation, medicine and automation applications.

MFL metal foil radial leaded resistor is an affordable proposal with very good characteristics of noise level, stability and reliability.


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