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Slew drives


Slew drives

This section features pitch and yaw drive arrangements along with slew drives.

Bonfiglioli pitch and yaw drive apparatus are mostly  applicable for wind turbines. 700TW series planetary speed gearboxes are being operated by leading wind-mill manufacturers. This is clear evidence of high quality and reliability of Bonfiglioli drives.

Slew drive is a type of power train that is specifically designed to conduct radial, axial, and momental loads. Such drive arrangements are usually used for cranes, excavators and forestry machines. Specifically 700TK Series is a compact and powerful articulated drive solution for 1.5 to 150-ton excavators. Additionally you can equip your app with different brake options whether hydraulic or electric one. As well various motors can be applied namely piston hydraulic, orbital or electric units. Each shaft is supported by special bearings ready for severe loads and harsh environments. The design of each unit accommodates extensive torque capacity. Increased strength is all you should know about each component.

700TK Series hydraulic motors were created in collaboration with Kayaba and provide high density in this regard so you can fit the drive within very small compartments.


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