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Jumo Thermostats are utilized for monitoring and controlling thermal processes. For instance such apparatus can be applied for the following processes and systems: heat conducting systems, furnaces, heating and air conditioning, chemical industry, pharmaceuticals and biotechnology, laboratory testing equipment, sea transport and others.

 Jumo surface-mounted ATH series thermostats can be applied as temperature controllers TR, temperature monitors TW, safety temperature monitors STW, and safety temperature limiters STB. This type of device operates on the basis of liquid expansion principle. This is an electromechanical thermostat so no additional energy source is required.

 Jumo panel-mounted units are made according to DIN EN 14597. These models work stable at high temperatures and are resistant to harsh environments. This type of units are used for closed heating systems, furnaces, in steam boilers and other apparatus that are operated in a wide range of temperature conditions.

 Jumo frostTHERM AT/-DR and ATE models are frost protection thermostats and applied in ventilation and air-conditioning systems, refrigerators and for building of automation systems.   

Jumo exTHERM-AT is an explosion protected unit that can be applied in zones 1 and 2, in gas, steam and conductive dust environments, for example, in chemical and pharmaceutical industries, pipe trace heating systems, mechanical and plant engineering.


Key features
— one-day offer
— personal manager
— express delivery
— analogs on-demand
— manufacturer warranty