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Electronics components

Electronics components

Megatron offers various types of small plastic parts that are essential for PCB and electronic housing construction. All such parts are supplied under the ELPAC brand that also represents plastic and aluminum housings. The range of electronic components includes fastening components, housing and enclosure accessories, cable management and LED components, namely:  stand offs, grommets, LED sockets, LED holders, LED spacers, flexible light pipes, rigid light pipes, spiral closers, shrinking tubes, traction reliefs, cable glands, spacers, cable fixtures, cable ties, drillers, cable holders, mounting materials, fixtures and component holders, PCB guides, rivets, distance tubes, LED lamps with holders. All items are made of reliable materials and suitable for industrial use. Different sizes, heights, thread sizes as well materials are available to meet the requirements of any specific application.

 The product range also includes ELPAC enclosure accessories, specifically: Edge Protectors, Bumpers, Covers, Housing Feet, Locking Devices, Dampers, Magnetic Tapes, and Mounting Rails.

 ELPAC  also specialized in manufacturing LED components and corresponding auxiliary parts. You can have separate parts or complete LED-units ready for installation.


Key features
— one-day offer
— personal manager
— express delivery
— analogs on-demand
— manufacturer warranty