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Electronics housing

Electronics housing

Along with electronic components Megatron is involved in design, production and delivery of housings for electronics. The main materials are aluminum and special plastics, suitable for industrial applications. There are stand alone solutions and versions for installation into system racks.

STP aluminum bar profiles are usually used in-house for self-assembly of housings. The maximum length of each profile is 3000 mm. Made of anodized aluminum. Have special grooves for additional installation of covers. Two types of profile are available: K and G.

DIN K-Series aluminum housings conform the DIN IEC 61554: 2002-08 requirements. Available in 10 various setups and can be cut in different lengths. Capable of horizontal and vertical PCB mounting. Additional seals allow them to reach IP65 protection class.

EST aluminum housing is a miniature solution with grooves for installation of circuit boards. 10 sizes available.

EUKAP-Series is a range of aluminum rectangular-sectioned housings for installation on Euroboards. Wide range of setups. Following additional options are available: external cooling fins, additional sealing, D-Sub plug capability.

MINKAP-Series aluminum housings with VG ledge for printed circuit boards of 107 mm width with C096 plug connector according to IEC 60603-2.

Plastic housings are represented with TPC-Series hand-held protective cover, TKC unit with battery compartment, GKI instrument enclosure, GKFB1/B2 hand-held housings and GK IP65 protected plastic enclosure.


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