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Rotary encoders

Rotary encoders

Hengstler is a key German producer of high quality industrial components for automated solutions. The range of Hengstler rotary encoders includes absolute and incremental units, explosion proof models, sinwave encoders and resolvers.

ACURO-Series is represented with 16 models of compact and reliable absolute rotary encoders. Multi-turn and single turn. Interfaces available:  SSI, BiSS, CANopen, PROFIBUS and more. Suitable for onsite and offshore applications. Housing is made of high grade stainless steel and can be applied for oil and gas, food and beverage, marine applications.

ICURO is a series of Hengstler incremental rotary encoders, where you can find models for every application. For instance, RI76 is a compact model that is capable of working with large shaft diameters up to 42mm. All units correspond to high levels of protection up to IP67. Various interfaces are available: push-pull, push-pull complementary, RS422, differential line driver and more. Housing options: stainless steel, nickel finish, powder coated aluminum. Some models correspond to increased environmental requirements and can be used for harsh environments.

ICURO AX and RX models are explosion proof absolute rotary encoders for use in explosive environments, for Zones 1 and 21.

S21 is a sinwave encoder  designed for motor feedback applications.

Brushless resolvers catalogue includes BRX, BRCX, R11 and R25 models. Main applications: brushless motors, robotics, direct drives.


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