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Load cells

Load cells

Megatron shear beam load cells usually used for large and medium capacity applications, for instance weight evaluation of trucks, tanks and vessels, big bag filling installations, platform scales. KM200 K shear beam is a compact solution made of aluminum with rated force up to 50 N with IP65 protection. KM 701, KM703, KM 801, KM 803 series are a double bending beam compact sensors with rated force up to 5000N. Some models are equipped with additional signal amplifiers.

Button sensors or button force transducers are strain gauge sensors applied in many different fields. Capable to work with forces up to 500 kN. Usually made of stainless steel or aluminum. KMB 32 and  KMB 38 sensors is a compact solution with load capacity up to 40 kN. Due to IP64 protection class, these models can be used in industrial environment. KMB51 is an universal setup for many applications with load capacity up to 110 kN and IP64 protection class. KMB 76 is capable for 220 kN maximum load. KMC 100, KMC 130, KMC 180 and KMC 230 “pancake” load cells is another popular type of button sensors that provides force transmission through the metric thread or through hole in the body of the cell. This is a very compact solution with a very high capacity up to 500 kN and high level of protection. The scope of application for threaded “pancake” load cells includes presses, large scales, container weighting installations and hopper scales.

S-beam load cells or Z-beam cells for industrial scales, measuring equipment and packaging systems. For applications with tension force. Nominal load up to 50 kN (for KM1603 model). As well there is KM500 model for applications with confined space.


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