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Jumo redox measurement equipment includes measuring probes, liquid analysis transmitters and controllers, all corresponding auxiliary equipment, as well portable digital measuring devices.

Jumo EcoLine and BlackLine series probes are applied for acquisition of the redox potential of the water and water-based medium. TechLine series are sensors for professional and industrial use, can be equipped with platinum or gold rode. Platinum cone is used for measurement of chromate reduction, nitrite oxidation as well for swimming pools and drinking water disinfection units. Gold cone models are applied for cyanide oxidation measurement. TechLine HD series are robust industrial electrodes for environments with high levels of contamination and toxic load, as well for processes with high pressure up to 13 bar. TechLine HY is another model of professional electrode with high-quality zirconium dioxide diaphragm. There is a special series of laboratory redox sensors with variable insertion lengths. Jumo metal and metal double electrodes can be equipped with different active components: gold cap for cyanide contamination, platinum one for chromate reduction, antimony for pH detection in mediums with high fluoric acid content, double electrodes for amperometric titration.

Jumo 202710 portable pH/Redox measuring device is a hand held solution for laboratories, industrial facilities, as well water treatment arrangements. This device is capable of measuring pH value, redox potential and temperature.


Key features
— one-day offer
— personal manager
— express delivery
— analogs on-demand
— manufacturer warranty