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Total chlorine

Total chlorine concentrations measurement is essential for monitoring of drinking and swimming pool water. Total chlorine concentration means volume of chlorine left after adding this substance to water, the main part of the agent reacts with inorganic and organic materials, metals and other suspended matters. Jumo total chlorine sensors are the most accurate way to make measurements of total chlorine residual in water.

Jumo tecLine TC unit is a membrane-covered amperometric sensor with integrated temperature compensation, based on three electrode principles. This device is capable of measuring not only total chlorine, but also free chlorine in inorganic chlorine products such as chlorine gas and hypochlorite.

TecLine sensors can be used in combination with Jumo Aquis and dTRans controllers.

Aquis touch P is a modular multichannel unit that can be applied with various types of sensors. It is equipped with a 3.5” TFT display with touchscreen controls function for indication of current parameters and setup. Aquis touch S is a more advanced model with a bigger screen, more functions and connection options.

Aquis 500 AS is a surface mounted unit that corresponds to IP67 protection requirements, with a robust monochrome display and designed for harsh operation environments.


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