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Industrial lighting


Di-Soric offers a wide range of industrial light fixtures as addition to its general items and as separate stand alone items for heavy duty applications. All equipment is made in Germany and meets the highest standards of efficiency and quality. There are following main segments:

-   Machine vision lights. This category includes mostly items employed in conjunction with other Di-Soric products. Here you can find appliances for inspection, quality control, identification and other applications where you need a powerful and adjustable source of light, that is compact and provides a high level of protection ready to work under severe conditions of use. Spotlights, backlights, barlights, ringlights, dark field lights, UV, coaxial, dome lights and flash controllers for LED.

-       Machine lighting. Everlasting and failure-safe lighting sets dedicated for industrial application.

-       Signal lights capable of working in high intensity mode through the use of modern power LED units. IO-link connection ready. All appliances have protection class IP67.

-       Machine illumination with signal light element with IO-link.  Thanks to an input-output intelligent system you can make a lot of adjustments to your lighting unit.

Key features
— one-day offer
— personal manager
— express delivery
— analogs on-demand
— manufacturer warranty