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Angle sensors

Megatron angle sensors provide angular rotation feedback.  Offered devices can be potentiometer type, hall sensor magnetic and optical, depending on application area and specific requirements. Following aspects are usually taken into account: general application conditions, measuring range, electrical connection type, level of accuracy required.

MAB-Series hall-effect absolute encoders are packed into a steel housing with advanced external environment protection, corresponding to high protection classes up to IP67. Can be supplied with different types of connectors reducing assembly costs for an end user. MIB-Series incremental hall-effect absolute encoders provide absolute position feedback, are completely sealed and meet requirements of IP67 protection class. Have resolution from 1 to 128 ppr selectable range as well fixed numbers of pulses: 256, 512, 1024. MAB and MIB series have a pair of ball bearings and can work at 6000rpm speed. ETA25PM is a programmable  rotary multi turn angle encoder  with analog output. Angle range of rotation can amount 10-72000°. ETA25PS is another model of hall effect rotary encoders that can be programmed by a customer to a desired angle range to be measured, along with operating voltage, starting and ending angle and rotating sense level. This model works with angles from 0..20° to 0..360 ° with 12 bit resolution at 360°. The sensor is equipped with onboard switches for selection of operating voltage and rotary sense direction (CW or CCW).

Megatron is a German producer of sensors, precision resistors, electromechanical components and industrial joysticks.


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