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Condition monitoring applications



Dynapar OnSite™ condition monitoring system is an integrated combination of software and hardware tools that provides fast and easy remote control over your equipment. The main metrics of the system are vibration, temperature and speed. Combination of these valuations allows to build up adaptable system health management systems approximately meeting requirements of any application. The remote control equipment is easy to install and consists of a main data processing unit, 4 vibration and temperature sensors with all required hardware peripherals – high quality cables and connectors, also supplied by Dynapar. There are additional inputs on the main hub for additional optional speed sensors.

         The main purpose of the OnSite™ condition monitoring system is to ensure continuous performance of the industrial equipment. The main duty here is to identify and prevent potential failures of the equipment and to avoid any downtime. As well this is also a solution for cases when you already have some items on watch and there is a need to evaluate which time is right to make maintenance, repairing or replacement, this is particularly useful under continuous production cycle. The system is also useful for facilities where human participation is limited due to hard working conditions (high or extreme low temperature, harmful contaminants and other risks) so you are able to avoid engaging human resources for every little thing and able to solve the problems remotely.  Among other issues you can use analytical tools in order to compare performance of similar units with different settings or to evaluate work quality of different operating shifts.


Key features
— one-day offer
— personal manager
— express delivery
— analogs on-demand
— manufacturer warranty