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Encoder accessories


Dynapar recommends to use only genuine spare parts and accessories for the items supplied. We offer any replacement parts or appliances required for your encoders or resolvers.

Adapters, brackets and mounting solutions, in particular NEMA C-Face "flower-pot" adapters and 5PY adapter kits, L-shaped fixing racks, articulated brackets and universal tracking mounts.

Tethers kits and covers for AC-motors. Single point, slotted and rod tethers. As well, they are suitable for NEMA C-Face mount products.

Flexible shaft couplings for different shaft sizes.

Special encoder testers that check signal output quality. RIM M100 Encoder Tester. Supplied by NorthStar company – a part of Dynapar group.

RIMSS2 Signal splitter for incremental encoders.

RIM SSW Signal Switcher enables you to operate one drive with two encoders. Suitable for all incremental encoders.

PM28S Dual universal input amplifier converts different kinds of signals into single-ended signals acceptable by counters and indicators. Allows to dispatch input signals to long distances. Different inputs suitable for a wide range of units. Equipped with a noise filter.

Frequency to Voltage Converters FV2-0-S, FV2-1-S with option board, FV2-N1 separate option board, FV3-0-S-00, FV3-1-S-00 with speed detection option.

Grounding brush kits suitable for digital tachometers and encoders.

Mating cables as well cable assemblies, shielded cables, any length and type of output.

Connectors – wide range of types.

Encoder measuring wheels.



Parts and accessories for NorthStar RIM Tach heavy duty encoders.


Key features
— one-day offer
— personal manager
— express delivery
— analogs on-demand
— manufacturer warranty