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Megatron is a well-known manufacturer of HMI-products for industrial applications. Particular attention should be paid to joysticks, used for a wide range of industrial applications, as well for medical equipment. Megatron joysticks are commonly applied in robotics, lifting equipment, agricultural and forestry machines, mining equipment, industrial lines control, and different mobile solutions. Portable models are applied for special medical apparatus.  All items are developed for use in industrial environments and deliver long-lasting performance. Principle of operation can be based on Hall sensors or potentiometers.

There are four different types: thumb, finger, hand and desktop joysticks. Thumb joystick commonly applied for portable devices and for integration into panels. This miniature solution applied in combination with other control equipment. Finger joysticks are a more sensitive control solution, can be used as a separate device, but also can be applied as an additional control unit and provide a wide range of configuration options. Hand joysticks used in tough and demanding environments, with protection level up to IP68. These heavy-duty joysticks are very popular for installation on different mobile machines – cranes, agricultural, handling equipment, construction and mining machines. Megatron desktop joysticks  are a professional choice for precise steering and usually used for video surveillance and remote control.  


Key features
— one-day offer
— personal manager
— express delivery
— analogs on-demand
— manufacturer warranty