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Linear sensors

Linear sensors

Linear sensors utilize different measuring principles, each with its own advantages and restrictions, making it possible to select a suitable one for any application. 

Potentiometric linear transducers are applied when it is necessary to have high resolution results. This type of transducer provides almost an infinite resolution. Furthermore this principle of measuring instantly provides absolute values and does not require any additional signal transformation. Additionally it is temperature and EMC-influences tolerant. RC-series is suitable for severe conditions of operation with up to IP67 protection class for application on hydraulic systems and commercial vehicles. Also there is WGO-series of oil-filled position sensors for the most extreme applications.

Magnetic linear transducers provide absolute analog signal and incur no mechanical wear. This type of transducer usually has a very compact setup and high protection level up to IP67. OMS2 model used for industrial application with a high level of EMC-influence. Effective measurement distance is from 50 to 1500 mm. HMA2 magnetic position sensor is a special high precision app designed for hydraulic applications with pressure up to 350 bar (max. 500 bar), made of special high grade stainless steel. There is another model for hydraulic applications – IMS Series absolute linear transducer with IP67 protection class and 50-4000 mm stroke.

Inductive linear transducers used for severe conditions (up to IP68) and high dynamics applications. Some models are suitable for oscillating movements.

Hall-effect non-contact type LHK model is a right solution for detection of small, as well oscillating movements.


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