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Operation and monitoring

Operation and monitoring

Pilz is also a supplier of solutions for operator and visualization systems that are required for safety of the personnel and integrity of the machines. These include control and signal units and powerful operator devices and terminals. Such units are aimed at ensuring diagnostics and visualization of the processes and allows to avoid undesired downtimes. All items are reliable and ready for industrial application and can be fitted with different types of equipment from different manufacturers. These accessories can be found in packaging technology, wind energy production facilities, rail manufacturing units, robotics, machining equipment and others.  

The range of items for operating, monitoring and controlling includes control and signal devices and HMI operator terminals. Control and signal devices are mostly applied in places where there is a possibility of dangerous circumstances for staff. The range of such items includes E-stop pushbuttons, muting lamps, hand-operated control units, enabling switch and operating mode selector switches. These items used both for regular use and for commissioning, maintenance and service activities.

The range of HMIs for diagnostics, visualization and control includes PMIopen hardware platform, PVIS tools based on OPC server, PMIcontrol and PMIprimo operator terminals for professional control, visualization and diagnostics of plant and machinery.


Key features
— one-day offer
— personal manager
— express delivery
— analogs on-demand
— manufacturer warranty