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Panel encoders

Megatron provides a wide range of panel and manual encoders. This includes rotary potentiometers, multi turn rotary potentiometers with knob, Hall effect panel encoders, optoelectronic manual encoders and handwheels, providing different adjustment options and sophisticated design of every part. Particularly much attention is given to the haptic impression of each device taking into account not only usability, but also a necessity to avoid any  malfunctioning and misalignment.

Megatron (MP-Series, RP19 and AL9 models) Rotary potentiometers with mechanical end stop is a reliable long lasting solution. Additionally these models can be customized with additional sealing, varied  resistance and linearity tolerances. Multi Turn rotary potentiometers are represented with AL17/19 high precision models, MD22/MD32 and MCD17 multi turn potentiometers. A distinctive feature of such potentiometers is availability of a locking mechanism and an adjustment knob. ETAM25 is a Hall effect encoder that provides analog output signal with a mechanical stop that works without detent as well not sensitive to vibrations with high level of protection up to IP65 ready to be applied in different hard conditions. MRB, MRS, MRT, MRX and MRL optoelectronic manual encoders have a wide selection of detent torques and resolution, push button options, different types of connection. These encoders used as manual setpoint devices. MHU and MHO optoelectronic handwheels are perfect for fast setpoint applications, convenient and have nice haptics properties - work smoothly and precisely. 


Key features
— one-day offer
— personal manager
— express delivery
— analogs on-demand
— manufacturer warranty