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Pilz supplies complete service robotics modules that can be used for industrial and non-industrial applications. The main parts of the modules: PRBT manipulator module, PRCM control module, PRTM operating module and ROS software package.

PRBT manipulator unit is a reliable and universal robot arm solution that is flexible and compatible with other modules and interfaces. It is a compact, light but powerful 6-axis manipulator. Its load capacity is 6 kg, operating range up to 741 mm, repetition capacity is 0,2mm, speed up to  90°/s.   Can be used with mobile applications. PRBT manipulator is certified according to the EN ISO 10218-1 industrial robot standard.

PRTM mobile operating module is a hand-held terminal for programming, teaching and diagnostics of your mobile robot. Its touch screen interface with 10,1” HD display is user friendly and fast. Additionally there are operator push buttons on the back side of the unit, E-stop button on the front.

PRCM control module contains robot and safety controllers required for motion control and safety functions support. This is a plug and play system that can be easily installed into any existing or new system.

ROS (Robot Operating System) is an open source software system for programming of robotics applications. This is a modular system so you don’t have to be a professional programmer to start working with it. With an intuitive interface, ROS makes it easy to design your own robotics application.  


Key features
— one-day offer
— personal manager
— express delivery
— analogs on-demand
— manufacturer warranty